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19/07/2019 - 11:52
Biya’s Visit to China
Immeasurable Benefits

02 avril 2018

Paul Biya and Xi Jinping have agreed to give full play to their sound friendship and great potential for cooperation to further advance bilateral relationship.

It was a fruitful trip indeed. Paul Biya bagged quite a lot from his visit to China. Not only did the bilateral relation get strengthened through some beneficial agreements signed, the assurance for brighter days was shown through China’s continuous intent to accompany Cameroon in its quest for development. While in China, the Head of State met with the country’s top legislator, the Head of Government and some Chinese business persons. It was another opportunity to review the friendly, rich and fruitful Sino-Cameroon relations with Mr. Li Zhanshu – Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), and Prime Minister Li Keqiang. Topmost of the fallouts was the pledge of the Chinese government to cancel part of Cameroon’s debt. Alamine Ousmane Mey, Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development signed five cooperation agreements on behalf of Cameroon with some Chinese authorities, in the presence of the two Heads of State. 


While Chinese enterprises have been encouraged to further invest in Cameroon there is need for innovative cooperation in areas of infrastructure and construction of industrial parks. Chinese authorities have called on both countries to safeguard liberalization, trade and investment, abide by market principles and business rules and oppose protectionismAs a long-term partner of Cameroon, President Biya expressed his satisfaction for China’s support in the fight against terrorism and appealed for the consolidation of the strategic partnership between both countries. It is the 6th visit President Paul Biya is making to China since 1987 and the reasons could only be obvious, the high esteem the Chinese authorities have for Cameroon and for President Paul Biya. Biya said China’s long-term assistance to Cameroon has promoted his country’s economic and social development and directly benefited the Cameroonian people. Cameroon’s commitment to enhancing strategic cooperation with China is no news reason why it is welcoming more investment from China in industry, agriculture, energy, transportation, housing and new technology, the President said.


Describing Biya as «a senior African leader and an old friend of China,» President Xi acknowledged Cameroon as an important partner of China in Africa. It is hoped that the diplomatic ties forged 47 years ago and which have led both countries to respect and treat each other equally and shared support on issues concerning core interest and major concerns become stronger for the common good of both parties.

Claudette Chin

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