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14/12/2017 - 15:29
Constant Modernization : Fortifying the Party’s Base

Change is said to be the only phenomenon that remains constant and the CPDM party has carried out numerous changes to better the functioning of the party. Since 1996, the party’s political jurisdiction has expanded, with the creation of new sections at home and abroad. By then sections of the party were in the divisions but propositions were made for this to be changed, making every subdivision a section. It was until 2007 during the party’s ordinary congress that things took the required turn. From then the sections that have been created in every area correspond with the number of subdivisions.

It is in a bid to fortify the base of the party and open doors to many sympathizers especially youths who have been knocking on CPDM’s doors that the National president of the party Paul Biya has constantly created new sections with the most recent being in April 2015. Last year, the party’s Chairman created nine new sections in the Far North, Centre and Southwest Regions. These and a couple of others created abroad have brought the number of sections of the CPDM to 377 whose executive were renewed late last year. Political pundits hold that the creation of new sections are an added advantage to the party as this moves enlarges the electoral data base of its militants.

Apart from creating new sections which are gateway for the recruitment of young, dynamic and forward-thinking militants, the party now has regional representations following the creation of regional delegations of the Central committee. With the CPDM being a rallying party and above all a party of the grassroots, these delegations have been set up to accompany local party officials in good governance for the common good of all. The CPDM would not excel in the fast politically changing landscape if the decisions of its wise and fore thinking Chairman Paul Biya, were not strategically executed by his collaborators on the field.

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