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19/07/2019 - 10:39
CPDM regional seminars
CPDM regional seminars
Daunting task for NW, SW teams

13 mars 2019

Ahead of planned CPDM regional seminars, it is difficult not to think of the importance of these trainings meant for militants at a time when their commitment to the party is tested by the current situation.

By constantly tending a listening ear to its militants and keeping them abreast with the demands of the Party, the CPDM has been able to keep a close eye on those who have chosen to abide by its ideologies and are ready to uphold them come what may. The coming into play of the Academy was a more direct means by which the party can train its followers, better preparing them to face the opposing camp. So far so good, but the crisis which have led to the North West and South West regions sliding to the shadows is to blame for many party supporters either denouncing or hiding their militancy.

Difficult to show ones political leanings when one’s life is on the line, many have attested. Several reports indicate huge losses recorded especially by CPDM supporters in the two regions since the beginning of the crisis, and there is no need for a crystal ball reading to denote why.  Now with the decision to organize seminars, the Party’ hierarchy seeks to use these as a means of reconnecting with the base, and letting everyone in on the role they have to play at various levels for the smooth functioning of the party. No doubt the directives dished out last week during a meeting chaired by Jean Nkuété, Secretary General of the Central Committee were for those in charge of coordinating these meetings to recall that the interest of the Party comes before everything. T

his is a task which the teams meant to travel to the Anglophone regions are ready to carry out despite the security challenges and context. According to Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, lecturer and coordinator of the seminar for the South West region, the participants have been duly informed and the meetings will hold. “So far there has been some relative calm which gives way to think that the trainings will go as planned on such topics as political commitment and electoral discipline, the role and responsibilities of youth and women as well as local leaders”.

The teams have the duty of reminding militants of what their roles are within the party, convincing those who are nurturing doubts and fence sitters and strengthening those whose faith in the party has been shaken with the difficult times and the rough political terrain.The decision for these trainings to be done in light of the many electoral rendez-vous in which the party is awaited has been taken and as like Rudy Giuliani, one time mayor of New York once said, “When you’re in a crisis of tremendous proportions…, you just make the best decisions you can, and you just hope that your intuition is correct”. After the regional seminars, other relay meetings are expected to hold during which information will be ferried further down the chain.

Claudette chin

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03 juillet 2019

C’est la position unanime qui se dégage au sein de l’opinion publique nationale, après les tentatives d’assaut perpétrés par des Camerounais se réclamant d’une « Brigade anti-sardinards », la semaine dernière dans la principale ville suisse.

16 janvier 2019

Amongst the many things the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement has on its to-do list, is readying the terrain for the legislative and municipal elections slated to hold this year.

As the ruling party, the CPDM shone by its achievements in 2018, the most glaring being the overwhelming victory of its candidate Paul Biya at the presidential elections. It didn’t take a day’s work for such an outcome. In fact, the Party invested adequate time and resources to galvanise its militants towards a favourable ending. In the congratulatory speech read by Jean Nkuété, Secretary General of the Central Committee when the results of the elections were proclaimed by the Constitutional Council, he acknowledged the unalloyed support of the militants, the commitment to see the goals set by the Party attained as reasons for the victory the Party was recording. It was in this light that he beckoned militants to remain loyal and unswerving in lending their support to the Head of State in his quest to consolidate peace and unity and foster the growth of the nation.
It is in the same spirit that the Party’s hierarchy has begun laying ground work for the twin elections expected this year. The maturity of Cameroonians during the October 7 elections as saluted by many observers is telling of the growing interest the population is showing in this regard. This explains why the CPDM is setting out early on the journey, tending an ear to its militants and meting out advice on the animation of the Party in the grassroots. Cognizant of the stakes this year, the Party is ready as always to cede to Elecam’s call to attain 10million registered voters by massively sensitizing its militants on the field. 
Thanks to the various statutory meetings to be held by the sections and subsections as provided for by the Basic Texts of the Party, the hierarchy is intent on making everyone of them count. So far, many sections have been meeting to draw their roadmaps for the year, bearing in mind that the terrain is not as smooth with several political parties seeking places at the National Assembly and in the various councils. According to Jean Nkuété, in renewing their confidence in Paul Biya, Cameroonians are expecting him to manage the affairs of the state in a manner that would favour the common man. This is thus a call for militants to contribute each in their capacities in accomplishing the tasks set to keep the coals of the party alive, for as the SG said, during the National President’s new mandate, the CPDM ought to be better Paul Biya’s most sure rear guard.
16 janvier 2019

C’est par un déploiement sans pareil et une activité permanente sur le terrain que le Parti entend apporter le soutien le plus sûr du Président en 2019.

07 novembre 2018

Le secrétaire général adjoint du Comité central du Rdpc, le Dr Hamadjoda Adjoudji s’est éteint à l’hôpital américain de Neuilly en France, des suites de maladie.

14 août 2018

C’était au cours d’une réunion organisée par le Bureau national de l’Organisation des femmes du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (Ofrdpc), le 13 août 2018, au siège du Comité central.