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08/12/2018 - 00:59
Feast of National Unity
Feast of National Unity
CPDM Gets Set

16 mai 2018

Celebrating a common heritage, one and indivisible Cameroon is what the ruling party is preparing to fete come May 20.

As the day when Cameroonians all assemble as one man to celebrate and dance to unitary songs approaches, preparations are heightening nationwide to ensure resounding success. The CPDM is not sitting behind, as militants will on that day stand out and demonstrate their patriotism in songs and partake in the usually very colourful march pass - major activity of the day. Like in years past, the CPDM has always stood for a one and invisible Cameroon, proud of the people’s diversity.


In sections across the country, executives are holding meetings geared towards mobilising militants to massively participate not only on the d-day but also partake in the torch light processions planned for 19 May 2018. At the Party’s seat, rehearsals have begun as youth’s, women’s and men’s wings will be at the Sunday rendez-vous to express their unalloyed support to the National president Paul Biya. In view of forth coming presidential elections, several sections have been calling on the National president to be their natural candidate, and what better way than to tell him through their messages expected to be printed on t-shirts and placards which will be borne by the militants. 


The political upheavals in the North West and South West regions continue to be a major bother but this situation in not hindering preparations for the celebration of the country’s national unity. The much talked of unity- a priceless jewel- has been toyed with by separatists in the Anglophone regions to the extent of driving peace loving Cameroonians from the comfort and safety of their homes to wander in bushes. One week of reflexions on the pros and cons of peace, organised in prelude to May 20 aims at reminding easily swayed Cameroonians that the nature and form of the country are what make it the envy of others. It is thus common knowledge that there can be no growth in the midst of anarchy as preached by the non patriots. Elite of the Anglophone regions as well as CPDM bigwigs are not relenting efforts in calling on their militants to shun fear and threats and show love for country.

Claudette chin

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