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07/12/2018 - 23:53
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Campagne RDPC: on monte d'un cran

• Philemon Yang à Kumba : le Directeur de campagne du candidat du RDPC effectue sa première sortie dans le Sud-Ouest• René Sadi, Coordonnateur opérationnel, se prépare...

Sommaire de cette Edition de L'Action

In his usual sharp and calm delivery, President Paul Biya’s campaign manger revealed the manifesto of his candidate on the maiden edition of the state owned Tv late night political forum Saturday, September 24, 2011.   

Quatre jours après le début de la campagne officielle pour l’élection présidentielle du 9 octobre prochain, les électeurs doivent se poser une question : où sont passés les candidats ?

The Cpdm national campaign manager, Philemon Yang launches the trail today in the Meme divisional headquarter.

Wirndem Adriane, section president Bui IB

« We are posting observers to polling stations »

After the congress, we held a meeting to strategize on how to convince not only our militants but also neutral potential voters. Our aim is to economize our time and cover enough ground during the campaigns in favor of our candidate, Paul Biya. Without awaiting lists from the central committee, we set up teams to crosscheck the names of our militants registered for the election meanwhile those who will act as observers at polling stations are already being drilled.

 Ntumpku Pricille, section president Bui IA

“Peace should reign during campaigns”

 We have undertaken trips to the various subsections to ensure that everything is set for the campaign while preaching that peace should reign during and after the campaigns. Our militants know that the messages to be used to convince the electorate are concrete and thus the exercise will be a peaceful confrontation with other parties.

 Nji Fidelis, section president Menchum IV“Our message is concrete”

We have mobilized all subsection presidents, readying them for the task at hand. We have a database of all our militants that have been registered at the subsections. We are currently verifying that what Elecam publishes ties with what we have. Our strategy is to work with those we know are on our side in order to be sure of our results on the day of reckoning. We have no time for dance group rallies and the sort. From the Head of State’s visit to Bamenda, the people know that his promises and actions are concrete so we will not be inventing things in our messages. Polling agents are already being set so that everything can go on without hitches.