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14/12/2017 - 15:29
North West : Militants Doubts and Anxieties Clarified

Led by Chief Dr. Dion Ngute, regional coordinator, the Central Committee delegation had a field day last Saturday October 10, 2015, as militants gathered to get further clarifications and practical modalities on the ongoing reorganization of the party. The delegation which had taken time to brief and debrief militants and candidates as to the conditionalities of the renewal of all the basic organs, had tough times explaining to curious militants why certain conditions needed to be respected.A key illegibility condition that gave delegation leaders had times to explain was that of domicile or residence.

Delegation leader, Chief Dion Ngute took time to explain the nitty gritty of the article, adding that the party would also judge depending on the militant or candidate. He wondered why a person, though not resident in a constituency, but is more available and contributes to the wellbeing of the party should not be allowed to run.Another thorny issue brought to light by the militants and skillfully explained was the clause which says only militants who have held positions in the Subsection or Sections are qualified to stand when some militants who were not in such positions brought honour to the party in the last twin elections. Some people that stood for parliamentary elections or were list leaders for the CPDM wondered why they should not be given an opportunity to lead the party merely because they had not previously held positions in the party.

Unable to proffer solutions on the spot, Dr. Dion Ngute promised to look into the matter explaining that beyond the prescribed conditions, there were still political decisions to be made, if that were to be for the good of the party.Most of the other questions that would have been asked were easily explained away during the presentation of technical documents by the regional chargé des missions, Dr Nwana Sama.

The documents spelled out the constitution of the Electoral College, the voting and complaints procedures, and more importantly, the party’s wish to see that peace and unity reigns in before, during and after the process.Satisfied that such illegibility conditions had been understood by most of the militants, Chief Dr. Dion Ngute urged Divisional and Sub divisional delegations to get to work as all election results are expected before the end of November. He recalled to candidates and militants that party Chairman, Paul Biya wanted credible people at the helm of all the sections so that the CPDM remains a strong and viable party capable of winning all future elections and leading Cameroon to emergency come 2035.

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