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18/02/2019 - 02:55
Stakes of November Session

15 novembre 2017

Usually dedicated to adopting the country’s budget, this session opens at a time when extremists are using the persisting crisis in the Anglophone regions to out rightly commit atrocities, a worrying situation which Senators might have to brood over.

The November session of parliament has opened within a context marked by persisting crisis in the anglophone regions of the country as well as security concerns in the North region. At the Senate and the National Assembly, presidents of both Houses condemned the atrocities committed under the banner of the crises in the North West and South West regions, while calling for peace to reign in a bid for activities to come back to normal. Meanwhile, the session which is traditionally dedicated to the examination and adoption of the 2018 budget will be fully utilized as ministers will be defending budgets which if well executed should contribute in the country’s march towards emergence. Concerning the budget, all ministries will have to present and defend their budgets which should contribute to fostering the development of the country. With the trying times faced in the country such important issues as the Anglophone crisis and Boko Haram attacks in the Far North region will definitely come under focus as the members of both houses will seek to know from competent authorities to what extent Boko Haram has been contained.

It is no news that Cameroon is preparing to host one of the continent’s biggest football jamborees in 2019, and preparations towards this grandiose rendez-vous ought to enter a new gear for the expected success to be recorded. Everything being equal, 2018 may just see a change in the faces of those at the National Assembly and the Senate. The 2018 electoral year will thus come under spotlight, given the current political and socio-economic environment in the country. For example, Senators and MPs will be able to address questions about the Electoral Code.Accordingly, the 2018 draft budget is expected to increase as compared to that of the current year which stood at CFA4373 billion. The IMF in a press release revealed that Cameroon’s budget for 2018 should be characterized by a widening of the tax base and the revision of some taxes for an efficient collection. An example of this is the property tax which the government wants to add to monthly electricity bills. Discussions are thus expected to be diverse and intense all in a bid for the decision makers to come up with well tailored proposals to take the country forward.

Claudette chin

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