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20/09/2018 - 10:45
Quality Infrastructure
Gov’t Initiates Pdt Biya’s Prize

10 décembre 2014

Come 2016, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Technological Development (MINMIDT) will introduce an annual prize to be awarded to an enterprise with best quality practices; it emerged from a press briefing on Thursday December 4, 2014.

Ahead of 2016, MINMIDT will organize “Master de la qualité,” forum loosely translated as one on quality practices in Cameroon from February 03-07, 2015, at the premises of Cameroon’s cartel of enterprises (GICAM) in Douala according to Minister Emmanuel Bonde.
The event is seen as an opportunity for enterprises in their permanent competition and quest for performance. It is a socio-professional exchange forum, the Minister said. “This event which is the first-ever in our country wants to sensitize and speak on the new government strategy in the domain of quality development,” Mr Bonde gave as the main reason for the holding of the event.
He also said, the event, a yearly rendez-vous from 2015 aims at vulgarizing government’s action on the culture of quality infrastructure in Cameroon. The ministry wants to bring together all the sectors, and put in place a common method that enterprises will use in the production of goods and services, pitched on quality.
The February event will hold under the theme “Urgency of national quality infrastructure, lever of competitiveness among Cameroonian industries.”  It is a borrowed experience from other countries which has shown its strength in building up a national policy on quality, hinging on best international practices and especially the front-line players in quality infrastructure, according to MINMIDT.
Focus of this maiden edition is to open up an exchange forum to; industrial sector, certification firms, metrology laboratories, public bodies on the best practices, with themes that would highlight tools and methods which could ameliorate the performance of their organizations.
The ministry will also organise a fair on the best practices which tells of experiences and success stories from CEOs during which authorities will prime enterprises and pubic structures who have put in place a strong management that revolves around quality with remarkable performances to proof, the minister added.
Actors in quality control such as the Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR) and Consultants are an integral part of the organization team, the minister assured.
Quality infrastructure relates to all fields of metrology, standardization and testing, of quality management and conformity assessment, including certification and accreditation.

Jude Viban

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