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Situation in the SW & NW Regions
Situation in the SW & NW Regions
Government Gives a Listening Ear

30 novembre 2016

The teachers unions and the lawyers who boycotted earlier meetings in Yaoundé, accepted to talk with the Prime Minister and Head of Government Philemon Yang, last week-end from November 25, 2016 in Bamenda, L’Action learned.

In a meeting with six teachers’ trade unions that went deep into the night on Saturday  November 26 2016 , the PM agreed with representatives that “a new institutional framework to look into the problems raised by Anglophone teacher trade unions will be put in place by today Wednesday 30, 2016, ”  the unions said in a statement. Teachers are ready to call off the strike, “when at least one other request is fulfilled on or before 30/11/2016 (today) they added.A week earlier, five recommendations were arrived at during the first working session of the inter-ministerial committee in charge of examining and proposing solutions to preoccupations raised by teacher’s trade unions. But for one of the eight demands, the recommendations recognised that the other issues are legitimate. On the representation of Anglophones in the teaching and support staff in the universities of Buea and Bamenda, figures show that priority is given to teachers and staff from the North West and South West Regions. In UB, of the 386 staff, 244 are Anglophones and in UBa, 150 of the 242 staff strength are from the NW and SW Regions. 

In a separate meeting, although, a final decision pertaining to the problems of the lawyers was not reached, the legal minds appreciated the initiative of government to talk. But, the PM promised the lawyers that he will report back to the Head of State Paul Biya, and announced an enlarged meeting with the minister of state, Minister Justice and Keeper of the Seals with the hope of government finding solutions to the problem of common lawyers, we learned. As he returned to Yaoundé on Sunday, the request for an English version of the Ohada Business Law was granted as Dorothé C. Sossa, the permanent secretary of the organization was in Cameroon November 28 to hand it to the Secretary General Ferdinand Ngoh NgohHowever, the Minister Justice and Keeper of the Seals Laurent Esso, called a meeting in Yaoundé last week but some factions of the lawyers grouped in associations termed illegal by him boycotted; claiming the Minister in an interview published in the state-run bilingual daily Cameroon Tribune took a crystallized position. Meanwhile, the PM cautioned the lawyers to sidestep the demand for federalism, and build a case on issues touching the practice directly, because according to him, it is a political demand, to which as Head of Government, he cannot have a say. The PM also met in camera with commercial motor bike riders, the civil society and journalists of the private and public press. Calm returned to Bamenda over the week-end, as the students of UB took the relay on Monday November 28,  2016, but reports say the forces of law and order quickly restored order.

Jude Viban, With Field Reports

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17 janvier 2013

L’ancien ministre de l’Administration territoriale, décédé le 30 décembre 2012, a été conduit à sa dernière demeure le 12 janvier 2013 à Komassi, son village natal. Il laisse à la postérité l’image d’un homme ferme, rigoureux et charismatique.

28 novembre 2012

La croisade universelle contre le Sida a eu pour résultat une chute de 50% de nouvelles infections à travers le monde. Mais il faut encore plus de financements pour stopper la pandémie.

28 novembre 2012

L’hôpital de jour qui s’occupe du suivi et de la prise en charge des personnes vivant avec le Vih/Sida, à l’hôpital central de Yaoundé, assoit progressivement sa notoriété.

22 novembre 2012

Footballeur émérite des années 80, capitaine emblématique des Lions Indomptables du Cameroun,  du Canon de Yaoundé qu’il dirigea pendant près de dix-neuf ans et qui su faire la transition entre le foot et la politique a définitivement quitté ce monde le 15 novembre 2012. L’Action revient sur l’ambiance qui a régné à son domicile, à la mairie et à la permanence du Rdpc de Nkolndongo ce jour fatidique.

27 juin 2012

The acquisition of stores that have been constructed at the Mokolo market remain a hurdle for most vendors who say the prices are quite huge for what they have to sell.

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