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22/09/2018 - 22:54
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28 février 2018

While waiting for directives from the hierarchy of the CPDM, some hopefuls are meeting the electorate one-on-one.

According to the Chargé de mission of the South West Permanent Regional Delegation Dr Humphrey Monono Ekema, the delegation cannot call up a meeting to layout a campaign plan unless directives are received from the secretary general of the party. He said, the delegation would schedule a meeting immediately, guidelines are given. 


So far, the updated list of the senatorial electorate has been published by the South West regional Elecam office, in compliance with section 224, article 3. It states that the list should be published at least 30 days before Election Day. While waiting for Elecam to publish the list of candidates, some hopefuls whose names leaked as those retained by the Party are meeting councilors personally to lobby. A councilor who refused to be named, confirmed. Although the aspirant did not come in person, he sent his “friends” to woe him.


The South West Region counts 31 councils, the CPDM controls 27 and the SDF four only. Of the 897 municipal councilors, the CPDM has 779, the SDF counts 114 and the ANDP has four. Tiko and Kumba II are the only two councils where the CPDM has no councilors.  In Kumba I, the CPDM has five councillors and the ANDP just one, the rest are on the SDF ticket. Same scenario in Kumba III. In Mbonge municipality the CPDM has 33 councillors while the SDF has 10 and two on the ANDP ticket. Apart from these multi-coloured councils, the rest are purely CPDM. 

Jude Viban


28 février 2018

Sur la base des statistiques disponibles, le Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais est en passe de remporter 68 des 70 sièges de sénateurs, à l’élection du 25 mars prochain. 

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