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Ycpdm : for an Exemplary Republic
Ycpdm : for an Exemplary Republic

13 février 2014

Youths of the seven sections of the youth wing of the Cameroon people’s democratic movement, Ycpdm in Yaoundé constituted themselves into 18 squares to make an unprecedented participation in the march pass at the Yaoundé May 20 boulevard.

Closing the passage of political parties at the 48th edition of the National youth day parade here, Ycpdm comrades of the seven sections here left the audience spell bound. From their uniforms to their steps, the correlation was unchallengeable.

Coming on the heels of the Head of state and national president of the party, H.E Paul Biya’s address to the youths which was pregnant of hope for this segment of the country’s population, it was but normal that the youths of the Cpdm express their gratitude by happily and massively participating in the feast like they did. Among them was Albert Njebusi who said “after such an eloquent speech which of course reignites hope and assures us that the future is bright, it was but normal that we come out like we did to demonstrate our unflinching support and commitment to upholding the values that he incarnates.” Apart from drawing a balance sheet of government’s effort to empower the youths through creation of jobs and funding of projects conceived by youths as well as the inculcation of patriotic and civic values in them, President Biya equally announced the creation of 250000 more jobs in the course of this year 2014. 

The young comrades celebrated the Cpdm strongman with messages such as “thank you Mr President for having integrated youths in council executives.” In the build up to the September 30 twin elections, the Cpdm central committee on its National chairman’s impulse, Paul Biya opted for investiture in compliance with the internal rules and regulations of the party. The exercise ended up with scores of youths being selected on the Cpdm lists. Unlike in the past when rich older people used their money to sideline youths from vying for elective functions, the investiture turned a new page for the youths especially those of the Cpdm. Among the many who were retained as list leaders and who sailed through are Christian Mebiame now mayor of Meyomessala, Noel Essiane mayor of Sangmelima who clinched a second mandate thanks to his hard work, Ekema Patrick now mayor of the Buea municipality, Fidelis Bernsah of Mbiame and many others. For these and more, the Ycpdm comrades of the seven sections of Yaoundé chanted “Paul Biya forge on, we are solidly behind you.” Other placards read, “Cpdm for the fight against social discrimination because it is a source of division and instability.

” Tuesday’s parade at the Yaoundé May 20 Boulevard was chaired by Youth and civic education minister, Bidoung Mpkatt accompanied by several other government ministers. Among them were the Speaker of the National assembly, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, Issa Tchiroma of communication, Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa of Small and medium size enterprises, arts and handicrafts, Louis Bapes Bapes of secondary education, Youssouf Adjidja Halim of basic education and Andre Mama Fouda of Public health. To back the Health minister’s effort to purge the market of illicit drugs, the young comrades said “no to roadside drugs.” The Health minister recently banned some drugs from the market because they were of doubtful quality. Among these is the famous malaria drug, quartem. It is worth recalling that the mobilisation in Yaoundé was just a microcosm of what the National bureau of the Ycpdm on the Central committee secretary general, Jean Nkuete’s instructions settled for. In an interview granted L’Action a week to the youth day, Ycpdm national bureau president, Stephen Mbonda Motia said, “they had empowered the various sections to ensure unprecedented participation of the Ycpdm in their areas as well as make sure that they forward reports to the national bureau immediately after the feast.”

Benedict Ndinwa

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