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Akwaya : BIR Reconstruct Destroyed Bridges

Three bridges that were recently destroyed by separatist fighters have been rehabilitated.

The population of Kesham village in Akwaya Subdivision, Manyu Division of the South West Region, have saluted efforts of the 6th Unit of the Rapid Intervention Battalion,BIR, with base in Mambanda, for their prompt intervention to rehabilitate some three bridges, recently destroyed by separatists in the locality. The three bridges  linked the village with Mamfe Central.
They expressed their gratitude to the BIR elements and the Cameroon government recently during a the ceremony organized by the BIR to officially hand over the three reconstructed bridges to the community.
The assistant commander of the 6th Unit of the BIR, Lieutenant Colonel, Zambo Nkoulou Moise Cedric, who led the exercise said the prompt action is a result of fruitful collaboration between the population of Manyu Division and the military. He told the people of Kesham village, “I am from far off locality, sent by the government for your protection. This shows how important the people of Kesham are”. He said their mission is to protect the population and their property and to ensure military operations to end Amba activities. Zambo appealed to the population to always make sure authorities are informed of any wrong happening or evil plan to cause further destruction.
The Divisional Officer for Akwaya Subdivision, Augustine Eweh Mbua, said the reconstruction of the three bridges by the BIR elements has come to restore movement adding that such fast actions will help the population to go about their daily activities with ease. The administrator reminded the population of the Head of State’s call for separatist fighters to lay down their arms and leave the bushes and be integrated into the society. He however advised the people to create vigilante groups to help protect their community.
Mayor Ekwale Martin Ekwale of Akwaya council, said the destruction of the Nkane, Aju Gonko, and Barem bridges brought untold suffering on the population since the sick, pregnant women and aged, could not be easily transported for medical care, while farmers equally faced difficulties evacuating their product to the market. He thanked the BIR for the timely intervention in the reconstruction of the bridges. Mayor Ekwale revealed that the Akwaya council has secured a loan of FCFA 50 million from the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance, FEICOM, to rehabilitate the 15 km Kesham-Mamfe stretch of road this year 2021. The Paramount ruler of Akwaya, Mofow, ODEKPO Akpana Valentine, equally expressed his appreciation to the military and the government. 


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