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Where there is Hope… : Council Session Holds in Bafut

Since taking over the council in February 2020, councillors held a session in Bafut for the first time. Previous council sessions took place in Bamenda because of the security situation.

It was the administrative and management accounts session of the municipality. Bafut is a hot spot of the armed conflict in the North West and South West Regions. Several clashes between the military and armed separatists have paralysed the municipality. Combatants have gauged and blocked roads leading to the area. The military has carried out several operations in the area; weeding several amba boys. The crackdown seems to have returned normalcy to the municipality gradually.
On April 16, councillors travelled to Bafut from Bamenda for the session. A courageous decision saluted in the region, a local news site The Observer237 said, citing a regional councillor.
“We are beginning to take ownership of our community and I encourage my brothers and sisters still in the bush to join us so that together we build the Municipality of Bafut,” Chebilem Gordon told the news site.
Work done
With FCFA 787 million, the council in 2020 fought coronavirus, opened farm to market roads, built culverts and classrooms. The Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongoh Lawrence says the council will continue on the same lane but faster. “We still have farm to market roads that will be looked into, portable water, electrification of some areas and medical equipment.”
The council could do better. Some credit cards of the council were never consumed and sent back to Yaounde. Councillors faulted the security scare in the area and resolved to avoid a repeat.
With the public investment budget, Bafut council benefited classrooms benches, chairs and teachers desk for GS Ntabuwe. Akossi portable water supply project was completed and a similar water scheme at Ndung is at 30%, the Mayor said. He also said some roads were rehabilitated.
The electrification of Nchoho village is in its second phase with an execution rate of 85%, The Observer 237 said, citing the Mayor. A similar project for Ngwa Eva, Agyati and Ntangoh villages is at 50%. These projects could according to the councillors, facelift Bafut.
Members of armed groups rustled some heavy machinery belonging to the council. The Divisional Officer for Bafut, Diobe Didacus Elumba suggested that “old equipment retrieved by the military and which can no longer be used and other heavy duty vehicles should be sold”.
The MP of Bafut/Tubah Hon. Oliver Angho and the personal representative of the Paramount Fon of Bafut attended the session.

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