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Preparation of statutory conference : Italy section puts social media to use

With the ravages of Covid-19 in Italy, the CPDM section executive is using various social media platforms to disseminate information and rally militants.

Hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Italy’s infection and death rates forced the country’s authorities to pause all activities in a bid to limit the spread of the disease. CPDM militants in that country have followed government’s orders, with the section’s executive cautioning militants to heed to warnings and stay home. The confinement has not totally grounded party activities as militants have continually received messages through several other platforms. In fact, the executive made it a point to reach out to all militants, calling on them to strictly respect barrier measures laid down by their host country’s government and WHO.
With the current sanitary crisis, the CPDM section has been functioning through watsapp groups, created with the sole purpose of keeping militants abreast with party happenings. Not being able to celebrate the CPDM’s 35th anniversary last March 24, the Section has started laying the groundwork for its first statutory section conference, which according to Frederick Ndang Nchaw, Section Secretary, is slated to hold September ending. “It will be an occasion to invite all the section Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers of Europe and America to discuss on cell planting, improving the image of our government and country to European and American authorities. The diaspora’s contribution in the fight against coronavirus and the rebuilding of the North West and South West regions in collaboration with the government will also be discussed” he added. This first conference for the year will serve as the lieu par excellence to calculate proceeds from annual subscription and membership fee, information that will be forwarded to the cell, subsection and Central Committee. Proposals for the 2020 budget of each organ will also feature in the day’s agenda, and the annual calendar of statutory meetings will equally be modified.
In the meantime, Section President Eric Sandjo Tonga alongside Sandrine Valérie Ottou, Rome sub section president, Justin Kamga, president of Florence sub section and Nji Kum Simonet, president of Udine subsection amongst others are active in various groups and facebook pages, as these are the only means by which they can communicate with comrades while in confinement. In the days ahead, the section will hold a live broadcast on facebook to comment on President Paul Biya’s May 19 address to the nation.

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