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NATIONAL UNITY : CPDM’s Constant Preoccupation

Since its inception, the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement has not relented efforts in promoting and consolidating national unity, considered a priceless commodity.

The aim of the CPDM according to article 2 of the General provisions of the Basic Texts of the Party is to rally and mobilise the people of Cameroon in order to “consolidate national unity…” With this in mind, the militants have often found the building blocks needed to hold together the structure of the country through thick and thin. Never in its history has the unity of sons and daughters of Cameroon been disturbed and threatened as has been witnessed in the past four years due to the ongoing standoffs. The CPDM, by virtue of the fact that it has been the ruling party since inception in 1985, coupled with its implantation in all of the country and representation in Parliament has not been indifferent. Through several actions pioneered by centre and grassroots militants, fissures on the walls of the country’s unity continue to be mended in the hope of a better Cameroon.
To Paul Biya, National president of the Party “Our people hold dear two fundamental principles, namely national unity and diversity. Both principles are enshrined in our Constitution and have an inviolable value.” That is why he has been unrelenting in crusading for the upholding of values that keep Cameroon and Cameroonians together. To materialise the national president’s speeches, militants continue to be at the fore of such actions as sensitising, donating stuff to populations in time of need, bringing comfort to afflicted people amongst others. Support to government institutions, constant education of its militants of the values that are enshrined in the Constitution, marked presence and support to Cameroonians during challenging moments are some of the activities to improve on the lives of fellow citizens and which give reason for hope even in despair.
The prevailing socio-political situation in the country has spurred the CPDM to uphold what has been good, sit up where shortcomings on national unity have been identified and jointly devise ways of enhancing togetherness. As Cameroonians commemorate the 49th edition of the National Day, militants of the CPDM despite restrictions brought about by the health crisis are intent to preserve unity through exemplary behaviour irrespective of social and cultural origins. From North to South and East to West, surely there are bountiful rewards to be reaped in remaining united in the face of all challenges.

Claudette CHIN

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