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Njikwa Council : New Team Reaches Out

The population of Njinechi in Oshie Village can now go about their activities with ease thanks to the wooden bridge that was built to link them to the rest of the village.

Barely one month in office, the Akebe Emmanuel team has already made footprints. It has brought relieve to the population of Njinechi, in Bereje quarter in Oshie village by rebuilding a broken bridge which had cut off movement from the farm area to the village headquarter. According to one of the councillors Amombi Frederick, “the population, which was at risk has been relinked to the rest of the village by a wooden bridge”, he said. The temporary bridge was a project that the former mayor had before his demise. The new mayor has been taking stock of some bad bridges and culverts in the municipality which have been hampering movements and endangering lives. Priority was given to the Njinechi bridge to relink the area to the rest of the village while work continues in other parts of the municipality.
The gesture has been appreciated by the population. The spontaneity of the new team is a pointer that the choice of a CPDM run council was a stitch in time. The CPDM is a party that has every one at heart and the prompt reaction is reassurance of the readiness of the council to work. Also given the heavy rains and the topography of the area, it was expedient to tackle the situation in order to prevent any accidents. The Njinechi bridge is just one of the many pressing projects that the Mayor and his team have. The rest of the challenges in the other villages will be taken care of as the days go by, with the means available. There are many more projects like culverts and bad spots on some major roads in the municipality that are also in the pipeline of the council’s immediate projects.
During his installation in Mbengwi, the new Mayor promised to bring everyone on board. He pleaded with all to bury the hatchet so that together they can pick up their pieces, especially considering the fact that the crisis in the North West and Southwest has brought untold sufferings to the population.


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