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Ahead of CPDM Reorganisation : Lebialem to adopt consensus approach

To ensure that militants remain in tact after the reorganisation exercise, the party hierarchy in the Division plans to adopt a consensus approach.

Officials of the CPDM in Lebialem Division are aiming for a consensus method where all contending parties can agree in understanding for the interest of the party. 
Given the ongoing conflict in the two English speaking regions, and the degree of insecurity that still persists in some parts of the regions, the officials of the party believed that any action that may lead to disagreement among militants will not be good.
Bent on keeping the party in tact before, during and after the election, the permanent Divisional coordinator, Minister Paul Tasong is working tooth and nail to ensure that any form of disgruntlement is avoided. He is confident that the three sections of the party and their organs will agree and choose the rightful militants who can stand for the party any time.
A Consensus is the best form of democracy, in that everybody wins at the end. Convincing the contenders to accept this approach is already a plus for the party. “Our wish is to ensure that the various candidates vying for positions put the interest of the party first”, the Minister said.
Given the difficult situation of our militants at the moment, we at the head will do our best to ensure that the elections take place hitch free.
The section president of Lebialem III section, Israel Nembo Ketu, said that at this critical moment, the party officials must act wisely in order to ensure that separatists do not infiltrate party ranks. “Lebialem III section is relatively calm, but our wish is that much vigilance and tact be adopted in the conduct of the elections“.
Sabas Asong Atem of Lebialem I section, believe that only a consensus approach can safe the party in the section and the Division as a whole, given the wave of the socio-political crisis in some parts of the Division. According to him, the outcome of the reorganisation exercise in Lebialem will greatly impact the party in the area. 
 In Lebialem II section, Michael Fonju Nkeze, the section president has assured party hierarchy of relative calmness in the section.
Lebialem Division has been a strong hold of the CPDM for decades. The unity and collaboration that has been existing ever since a Minister was appointed, is evidence that the party will remain strong.


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