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Execution of Micro-projects : Ndu/Nkambe Constituency Enjoy

The MP said the money will be used to acquire materials for the rehabilitation of some school buildings in Njema, Nkambe town, Saah and Konchep, the rehabilitation of the central mosque in Nkambe town, the rehabilitation of the Kieku (Binjong) Sub Palace and the provision of food and material assistance to the Muslim community during this fasting period among others.
He says he received several requests from the population and could not remain indifferent to the needs of his people. True to himself, Hon Ngala Gerard disbursed the money in cash to fund the execution of these pressing works.
Hon. Ngala forwarded the money to the Mayor of Nkambe, Nfor Musa Shey and the package was handed to the alternate MP Mrs. Ngi Prudence on Sunday May 2, 2021 in Nkambe. The MP said his alternate is the Chairperson for the follow up of the execution of the Hon Ngala Gerard- financed- projects and assistance in Nkambe.
Here, synergy exists among CPDM elected officials. The Mayor works hand in glove with the MP and his alternate is also involved. In some constituencies, the MPs do not involve their alternate after elections.  
The Mayor on the behest of the MP paid a visit to the Nkambe Palace. Here he transmitted the good wishes of the MP to the Fon HRH Ibrahim Japbu Nfor and the people. The MP said the mayor “handed a huge financial package” from him (MP) to the Fon. Hon Ngala Gerard holds the title of ‘Ta Nformi’ conferred on him by the Fon Nkambe for his development strides.
Briefed on the many projects the MP is about to carry in the Constituency, the Fon of Nkambe applauded and hailed the MP for his huge appetite for development.


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