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BABESSI : Call for Voter Registration Resonates

Three months to the closure of voters’ registers, CPDM militants in the Ngoketunjia III section are being encouraged check their status.

The initiative is that of the section President David Chindong who is poised to ensure that the flame of the party keeps burning in preparation for eventual electoral stakes. He has been urging militants and sympathizers who are of voting age to get themselves registered. Despite the crisis in the two English regions, the section President has not relented efforts in reminding militants that Cameroon’s future hangs on committed citizens who can stand for the Nation against all odds. To ensure that the message reaches every potential voter, he is using multiple communication methods especially the social media. Even the traditional mouth to ear is still valued. According to him, “my prime target is to instill a sense of civic responsibility especially in the youths who must take up the leadership of the country tomorrow, this has been the plea of the National President Paul Biya over the years and as grass root authorities we are reiterating it,” he said. Babessi has always recorded landslide victories in every election in favour of the CPDM. The section president therefore wants the militants to keep the flame aglow. The voters’ registers are opened in Cameroon every January and closed in August. At barely three months to the end of the exercise, the section is reigniting the flame and assisting those who need birth certificates and identity cards which are the basic documents required to be eligible for registration. It is also a way to make the militants stay focused and continue to throw their weight behind the CPDM and its National president who according to the section President stands a greater chance of redirecting some of the youths who have been misled and have taken up arms against the state to have a rethink. The Head of State and National President of the CPDM has constantly extended his hand of fellowship to the youth and called for the reestablishment of peace for a progressive Cameroon.

Irene Aweneg

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