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Containing the Health Crisis : CPDM Rolls with Government

As the ruling Party, the CPDM has through diverse actions of its militants, supported government in stalling the spread of the coronavirus, as statistics show a slowdown in the pandemic.

Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic triggered by the coronavirus in Cameroon, various actors have shown immeasurable support to help roll back the scourge. The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement has been on the frontlines with militants nationwide heeding to the Head of State’s call. “I strongly urge all political, religious and opinion leaders, all officials of associations, all traditional rulers and all dignitaries to fully participate in the fight against COVID-19,” Paul Biya said. This plea was taken seriously from the outset, as militants mobilised in their numbers with the encouragements of the Secretary General of the Central Committee, Jean Nkuété. Such actions as offering sanitary kits comprising soap, buckets, hand sanitiser and facemasks increased by the day as men, women and youths put their hands to the wheel in fighting a common cause.
Due to the health crisis, party activities that involved huge gatherings were grounded yet militants have sought other avenues to carry the fight to all fronts. They have been involved in sensitizing the population to comply with government’s orders and respect barrier measures. In a communiqué signed by Jean Nkuété last May 18, 2021, the SG called on militants to be the example in their various areas by rigorously complying with prescriptions laid down to stop the spread of the virus. He urged grassroots leaders to specially sensitise their militants to remain vigilant and committed towards this national cause, pending the return of brighter days.
Meanwhile, the country’s roll back plan has since involved vaccination of a category of the population. Though government authorities have stressed that it is not obligatory, they have nonetheless continued encouraging a majority of the population to go for the vaccine. It is not enough to respect the protective measures, reason why the authorities that be showed the example for other citizens to follow and take the vaccine. In the face of controversies on the management of funds allocated in the fight against Covid-19, the CPDM is once again stepping forward in its republican role to see that light is shed on the issue and culprits brought to book.
Albeit this challenging context, Jean Nkuété has reiterated the support of the CPDM in favour of strong actions impelled by the President of the Republic towards containing the health crisis induced by Covid-19 pandemic by strictly complying with the barrier measures prescribed by government in its response strategy.

Claudette CHIN

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