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Hon. Ngah EstEla : When Politicking ‘Nobi Big Book’

The Member of Parliament for Nkum/Mbiame constituency of Bui division in the North West Region has a heart of gold – few politicians are willing to help.

Hon. Ngah Estela Shala who dropped out of secondary school [on private classes now eyeing a degree] has been a militant of the CPDM for close to two decades. Once out of school she engaged in active farming and retails business. She retailed pagne. Wrapper is women’s favourite clothing in her semi-urban native Mbiame of Bui division. This business fanned [up] her popularity among the women folk. She stroke deals with women to pay her in small installments for the colourful garment. Hon. Ngah found favour in their eyes and was loved. She even cancelled debts when a woman who could not raise the money to pay. She paid maternity bills for a daughter of a woman had an overdue debt with her.
Most of her customers (women) became her Party comrades. The MP genuinely loves the CPDM and embraced the party when the opposition was hostile to members of the CPDM. Even, when CPDM militants became targets of armed groups from 2017, the MP avowed her affiliation with the CPDM.
Hon. Ngah loves the party dearly that she repeatedly supported it financially at the village level – Bui II Section, where extreme poverty is visible and there are no heavy income sources. In 2011, she gave FCFA 1 million as her support during the Presidential Elections – the candidate of the CPDM Paul Biya won.
She never expected anything in return for her devoted militancy. Though hierarchy of the party at the local level was watching her closely. And in 2020, she was picked as the Party’s candidate for the Nkum/Mbiame constituency. Her tenacity provoked her choice, L’Action learnt from party ‘kingpins’ of Bui division.
Hon. Ngah Estella is largely described as a politician who empathises with the daily struggles of her constituents. She will dip a hand into her handbag to bring out her last coin for the needy. If she cannot afford at the moment the need is expressed, Hon. Ngah gives a listening ear and will do all within her means to find a solution to anyone’s problem. Hon. Ngah is down-to-earth. She relates with young adults that have been stimulated to pick up arms. No doubt, she is able to rescue many before their lives are ruined in the bushes. She doesn’t mind kneeling to beg for opportunities, services and goods for her constituents. If the crisis could go away while she is still in parliament, Hon. Ngah will move mountains for her constituents. However, she is not waiting, for the guns to go silent. The MP visited Mbiame in February 2021, and offered health and school materials to services. She bought shoes for schoolchildren. The MP has also ‘donated’ three football trophies in different villages with the support of other elite. Her couple-work with the municipal authorities of Mbiame is yielding fruits. More areas are free of armed groups in the Mbiame council area. Hon. Ngah plans a return visit to Mbiame at earliest opportunity.


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