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National School of Local Administration : 281 to Begin In-service Training

The official launching will take place on August 2, 2020 at the campus of NASLA following the publication of list of admitted trainees.

The drive to foster the Decentralization process through quality training of personnel of Regional and Local Authorities is being materialized by the National School of Local Administration, NASLA, following the recent publication of lists of admitted trainees for the in-service program. The 281 trainees drawn from the various Regional and Local Authorities across the Country, were selected based on submission of documents. The launching of the in-service training program is aimed at providing opportunities to council authorities, and staff, who because of their ages may not have the opportunity to attend regular school programs. The in-service training will equally provide opportunities for some staff to gain promotion and other advantages at their job sites.
According to a release from the Director General of NASLA, Tanyitiku Enoh Baiye, the admitted trainees have up to July 30 to meet up with school fees requirements, or will be replaced with those on the waiting list. The release further states that the official launching of the in-service training program will take place on August 2, at the campus of NASLA in Buea, with the presence of all admitted trainees being mandatory.
The admitted trainees will receive their lecturers via on-campus and online. The training is offered to senior, mid and junior staff of local authorities. The training program ranges from three to six months.
The in-service training program is aimed at upgrading the human resource capacities of staffs of councils, from the administration to the junior staffs. These trainees will help to fill the lacuna in councils, while awaiting the official launching of the admission into the normal academic program anytime soon.
The expectations of stakeholders are very high, with many hoping that NASLA will salvage the challenges faced by councils in personnel management. The Director General of NASLA remains confident that trainees from the institution will play a great role in the process of effective Decentralization in Cameroon.

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