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Open Letter to UN/IMF : 8 Women Groups Disavow Petitioners

Leaders of women groups have disassociated selves from the letter written by the President of the passive CPP party Kah Walla and 19 others to the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund, on behalf of Cameroonian women.

Kah Walla and her companions asked the UN to discuss the crisis in North West and South West Regions at UN Security Council. In another letter, the women asked the IMF to halt all dealings with Cameroon, until Yaoundé sheds light on the management of funds granted to the country to fight Covid-19 pandemic.
Leaders of several women groups see the letter as an attempt to internationalize the crisis, part of a political stunt.
“We disassociate ourselves from this initiative whose activist’s, irresponsible and unpatriotic approach has no other aim than the frantic quest for existence, visibility and positioning under the false alibi of defending the interests of the Cameroonian people”, the women said in a communique that L’Action has seen.
The women have faith that Yaoundé can fix the crisis. “We [the women] wish to remind the national and international conscience that the Cameroonian Government, under the humanistic leadership of His Excellency Paul Biya, President of the Republic and Head of State, is very attentive to safeguarding the general interest of the Cameroonian people in general, and is particularly concerned with the defence of the interests of the people of the Far North, North West and South West regions,” the women said.
The women went further to back Cameroonian authorities. “We also point out that the Cameroonian Government serves the interests of its people and remains the exclusive legitimate interlocutor of international institutions and development partners for all development actions to be taken in Cameroon”.
In a disclaimer, a day after the letter was made public, Dr. Mrs Agbor Magdaline Tarkang, Frontline Female Leader of Networks in the South West Region said: “No woman nor platform of women`s organizations especially in the South West Region was ever contacted nor informed of the move taken on our said behalf”. Government has taken several measures to end the crisis in the North West and South West Regions as armed separatists continue to commit more atrocities.


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