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WIDIKUM : Akwa Stephen Assists Bike Riders

The Section president in unison with administrative authorities seeks to provide those involved in the sector with jackets that will set them apart in the division.

The initiative is that of the Section President, Akwa Stephen Tambu in collaboration with the Senior Divisional Officer and the Mayor. According to the Divisional officer, “we came up with this plan as a means to organize the motorbike sector, and motivate the young people who are operating in it. Our main reason for choosing this group stemmed from the fact that this was a very important sector but which had become very porous due to the ongoing crisis. It is no secret that most of those working in the motorbike sector have already been radicalized. To bring them back home and to show them that there is a better way of earning their lives in security we plan to distribute jackets to them in the days ahead”, he said. A good number of Jackets have been acquired and are already in the council under the care of the Mayor, Stanislaus Adoh. Still talking on the same subject, the Section President said, “the moto bike sector in widikum will be divided into four Zones namely; Menka, Ambelle, Bossam and Widikum. Each zone will have a specific jacket color and identification numbers will be inscribed on each jacket before handing them out”, Akwa emphasised. “This is a measure to ensure easy identification and traceability in case of misconduct. It is also a means of reassuring the population about the credibility of the sector”, he continued. The mobilization is gaining steam and the concerned are enthusiastic. The moto bike sector in Widikum employs a good number of youths, most of whom are family heads. The few that infiltrated the sector and discredited it by indulging in criminal activities especially with the armed separatists put the reputation of the responsible ones to question. The organization will go a long way to help reestablish the confidence of the users as well as clear the name of the many responsible bike riders who had been tagged criminals alongside the bad grains.

Irene Aweneg

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