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Budgetary session : CPDM Parliamentary Groups Strategize

The Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM, Jean Nkuete last November 26, 2014 presided at a meeting that brought together the CPDM parliamentary groups at the Senate and National Assembly.

The people’s representatives in both houses of parliament under the CPDM ticket met with the party’s Secretary General as tradition would have it, to get firsthand knowledge and information on the economic, financial and budgetary orientations prescribed by the National President, Paul Biya.
Flanked by the President of the Senate, Marcel Niat Njifenji and the Speaker of the National Assembly Cavayé Yéguié Djibril, the scribe listened keenly to the introductory note by the National Assembly group leader Hon. Ndongo Essomba which clearly outlined that the level of execution of the 2013 public investment budget was quite unsatisfactory. Cognizant of the stakes of such an evaluation, the Senators and MPs present were called to take interest in this year’s program budget, which had been drawn up to take the country forward in its development vision.
In the course of the meeting, the Minister of Finance Alamine Ousmane Mey presented a report on the economic, social and financial situation and prospects of the nation for 2014. The presentation laid bare the draft finance bill under scrutiny at the National Assembly in accordance with the great realization program intended to lead Cameroon towards economic and social emergence by 2035. According to Minister Ousmane Mey, “the context of this year’s presentation is peculiar given the security and health challenges surrounding Cameroon. These constraints determine the decisions in respect of orientations for the 2015 financial year, this without jeopardizing the pursuit of the execution of the ongoing major industrial development projects …the launching of new projects in conformity with the state investment ambition”. He noted that economic activities witnessed an increase estimated at 6.1% as against 5.6% in 2013. The report equally noted that the state embarked on several actions aimed at reducing unemployment through the insertion of over 41000 wage earners in self employment initiatives, creation of over 4000 direct employments by Pader as well as other micro projects. Alamine Ousmane Mey told the people’s representatives that “the 2015 budget aims at accelerating growth to make it stronger, sustainable, inclusive and generator of jobs by preserving peace, security and stability”.
According to Senator Peter Mafany Musonge, group leader at the Senate it was a family meeting, during which they discussed strategies for this session of parliament. “One of the most important texts is the draft finance bill for 2015. We put our strategies together on how to examine the projects and ensure that they result to the emergence of Cameroon by 2035” he added. Senator Tabe Tando for his part said that answering to the SG’s call was for them to “understand that we are a party that has to assure the public that we are standing for the interest and common good. So in our analysis of the budget, we should take into consideration the paramount interest of the party and not divert from whatever the Head of State has come out with”.

Claudette Chin

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