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buea : Youths for nation building

 Similar to other celebrations across the nation, students and members
of youth associations celebrated youth day under the theme “Youths and
participation in major achievements policies for an emerging Cameroon”.

Taking place at the town’s grand stand located in the Clerk’s quarter’s neighborhood, the march pass was presided by the Secretary general of the Governor’s office, Handerson Quetong, sitting in for the region’s governor now occupying the post of Secretary of State in charge of Ex-service men at the ministry of Defense. Occurring in two parts, the event’s first high point was the award of prizes to students who showcased academic prowess and otherwise. These prizes were as varied as the recipients. The would be scholars came from Kingston memorial nursery and primary school, Saint Joseph College Sasse, Government Bilingual grammer school Molyko Buea, Borstal Institute among others. In strict academic tradition, the deserving students received their prizes from the regional delegate of Basic education and the Vice Chancellor of Cameroon’s first Anglo Saxon University. Meantime, other personalities of Gbea (as native call it), in the likes of the Secretary General at the Governor’s office, the town’s first magistrate and the president of the Court of Appeal equally congratulated the outstanding boys and girls as they handed them items that saluted their hard work. Part two opened with the personnel of the ministry of Youth affairs and Civic education who led the march pass. Students of the Government technical high school, Saint Joseph College Sasse, Bilingual grammer school Molyko Buea and the University of Buea animated the ceremony with scintillating songs by their various school orchestras. The order of the march pass was in strict accordance with the academic ladder: Nursery schools first, primary schools second, secondary/ schools third and institutions of higher learning pulling the curtains. In this regard, Government nursery school Buea station led the dance in the first category. The nursery schools thrilled all spectators. In an almost unanimous manner, onlookers praised them and found fun in the pupil’s march pass. Primary, secondary/high, vocational schools, the University of Buea, youth movements and choral groups followed with each fitting in its deserved category. Other mattersBeyond the 46 year old tradition of Youth Day, a couple of youngsters involved in the event sounded pretty positive about the day. The student leader of the Buea Vocational training centre, Pendie Kelvin holds that “the day is important because it comes as a prelude to the national celebration of our country’s reunification scheduled for Buea”. “That aside”, he moved on “youth day portrays the patriotism of the Cameroonian youth.” To Samson Jenbe, the national youth day “is capital because it creates a platform for youngsters to showcase their talents, reaffirm their desire to support the Powers that be and above all, establish a link between governors of today and would be governor’s of tomorrow”. Most youths quizzed on their role in today’s Cameroon said “We have youthful solutions to youthful problems”. March pass being the main activity of the youth day, students of the Saint Francis Higher Institute of Nursing and midwifery made their show and through gestures and words, (during the after the match pass), they focused on sensitization on the ravaging effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. A budding health practitioner from the aforementioned school opined that “through the distribution of tracks, we look forward to educating and encouraging our peers on abstinence, faithfulness and the use of condom”. Students from the University of Buea, the Place To Be, were clad in a dark tailored to fit suit, immaculate white shirt and a dark tie official outfit, Hanson Fongwa said “it is normal for youths to play a pivotal role on this day. I was enthused and galvanized following the Head of State’s pronouncement to us last night. I need not tell you that UB students are ready to help move Cameroon forward on the path of development”. Here, celebrate were a foretaste of upcoming national and international events built for Buea in the next couple of days and months. To wit, the Mount Cameroon race of Hope and the golden jubilee celebration of the Reunification of Cameroon.


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