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CPDM Academy : A Peerless School

Authorities see the structure as a refresher-course-oriented-one, open to only militants.

The Academy’s job description is outlined in the decision appointing the coordinator and his deputy.  The duo is expected to put in place a strategy of political training and capacity building of the elected officials of the party (Senators, MPs, Mayor and their councilors) and militants of the party at the central level and at the basic organs of the party.The team also has to train trainers.  The Academy in its third role, will produce political and citizenship training gadgets in liaison with the Secretariat of Communication. Finally, this new structure would plan training sessions, periodically in association with other secretaries of the General Secretariat of the Central Committee.  In respect of these obligations, the academy, according to the Coordinator, in unison with the Secretary for Political Training and Planning decided to use three types of seminars to educate the militants; information, management and special. From last Tuesday through Wednesday, the management seminar grouping permanent regional delegation, heads of the permanent divisional delegations of the central committee and members of the general secretariat took place. For two day the participants listened to exposés on the structuring, functioning of the party and public issues touching the lives of the population daily: security, employment, economic planning and diplomacy.In the weeks ahead, the academy will take the seminar to the regional level, according to the Secretary General of the Central Committee Jean Nkuété.  At that level, divisional delegations, section executives, mayors and parliamentarians will be the target audience of the training.Beyond, the borders of Cameroon, special seminars will take place, according to the coordinator of the Academy.  Authorities of the party say, with the creation of the decentralized structures of the central committee; regional and divisional permanent delegation, it was imperative to teach militants appointed into these structures their role, in order to clear doubts and anticipate problems. In a decision on April 23, 2015 the National President of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) created the academy.  Thereafter, on October 23, same year, he appointed two officials to head the structure. Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle coordinates the “school,” while Thomas Fozein assists him.  The Academy was one of the key resolutions of the 3rd Ordinary Congress held in Yaoundé on September 15 and 16, 2011.  The coordination office of this academy is attached to the Secretary for Political Training and Planning, Professor Paul Célestin Ndembiyembe appointed in 2015 in separate decision of the National President. He is also adviser to the Secretary General.


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