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New National Assembly Building : Hon. Cavaye Visits Construction Site

During the stop over on January 8, 2021, the Speaker of the National Assembly was reassured that the old hemicycle would be maintained and harmonised with the new edifice.

In the company of Vice presidents of the Chamber, questors and other members of the supervisory committee of the project, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril got first-hand information from Hon. Datouo Théodore, president of the supervisory committee, and the project manager Mbanga Robert Ashu. He was presented the various facets of the project; comprising the new hemicycle, which he was told was at 40 percent execution, the administrative tower and the banquet hall. Hon. Cavaye particularly expressed worry over what would become of the old hemicycle, which he noted held landmark moments in the country’s history. As a matter of fact, it is in the old hemicycle that former president, Ahmadou Ahidjo and the current Paul Biya took oaths of office. To this concern, Hon. Datouo gave reassurances that the building will remain intact while renovations will be done to harmonise it with the new edifices.
Work to construct the country’s new National Assembly is going on unperturbed. On site, both Chinese and Cameroonian labourers are working vigorously to catch up time lost due to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the project manager, “the main difficulty is Covid-19 which has prevented most of the technical, specialised staff of the Chinese company to come into Cameroon. This has delayed work but certain dispositions have been taken like accommodating all the workers on site in order to make sure that they are safe.” Despite the over 200 people living and working at the construction site, no case of Covid-19 has been recorded. No accidents so far and the security of workers is being ensured. Some months back, the residence of the president of the Economic and Social Council was a major impediment to the advancement of work but it has now been demolished.
The construction of the new National Assembly codenamed the ‘eldest daughter’ of Paul Biya’s Greater Opportunities mandate is being closely followed up by Hon. Datouo and his team, who are aware of the 5 months delay registered in the project log book and are intent on meeting deadlines. Hon. Datouo said, “attention will be given to the construction of the office tower and I can assure you that by June, work on the hemicycle and office tower will be at roofing level”. The new edifice – a turnkey project from China attests to the strong and fruitful cooperation ties between China and Cameroon.

Claudette CHIN

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