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Missions of ANOR : Journalists better Equipped

The annual meeting with journalists in its second edition was used to present a platform that would facilitate the flow of information between the institution and media practioners.

It is incumbent on journalists to provide the public with authentic information on the missions of the Standard and Quality agency. For this to happen, they are supposed to have first-hand information to better diffuse it. It is for this reason that some forty journalists from various news organs met on February 25, 2021 at the behest of the institution. They were drilled on the importance of standards with regard to the competitiveness of Cameroon’s economy. According to Zibi Francis, Director of Norms, quality control is of the essence to permit Cameroonian products to sell on international markets. He highlighted that government’s vision to become an emergent economy by 2035 would materialise if only home enterprises measured up in terms of the quality of goods and services provided, all the while insisting that the existence of norms guaranteed quality.
Meanwhile in an expose presented by the Director of Quality Control, Sadjo Serge, journalists were made to understand that ANOR through its mission of controlling quality on the country’s markets not only stands as a strategic partner in protecting consumers’ health and wellbeing but also the security of Cameroon’s economic space. Thanks to constant unannounced trips to markets, agents of the Standard and Quality agency have been able to detect products of doubtful quality and this has often led to seizure and destruction for some and the non-issuance of conformity certificates for others. The capacities of journalists were also updated in the domain of procedures to be followed to standardise products. Noting that this could only happen after someone expressed the wish in writing, the Director in charge of Evaluating Compliance Ndongo Danielle expatiated on the different steps involved.
The interactive training session saw the participants clarify certain misconceptions through the ensuing question and answer sessions. It was demanded of the journalists at the seminar to inform the public to sound alarm bells as to the sale of products of doubtful quality. Therefore, to ease the flow of information between ANOR and the media, a platform dubbed “Forum Anor Press” was presented. The platform would help both parties collaborate more and solve the perennial issue of access to information, poor treatment and consequently disinformation.

Claudette CHIN

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