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The Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee, Mr Jean NKUETE hereby communicates:
On 24 March 2021, Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement shall be celebrating, its 36th anniversary. Unfortunately, as last year, this important and significant day for the militants and the vast majority of our compatriots occurs in a context still marked by the Covid-19 pandemic which has profoundly disrupted our way of life. Thus, health measures prescribed by the Government, in accordance with the high instructions of the President of the Republic, do not authorise any mass gathering or popular meeting for legitimate celebrations.
To mark the event, notwithstanding the context and its hazards, the Secretary General of the Central Committee requests all the members of the great family of the Party to an in-depth and effective reflection on the following theme: “let’s mobilise wholeheartedly behind the Government for the success of the national fight against the Corona virus pandemic”.
To this end, he requests all the CPDM Section Presidents, under the supervision and follow up of the Regional and Divisional Permanent Delegations of the Central Committee, to carry out a special sensitisation of the militants and population on the stakes of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and the respect of the protective measures in their respective sections, in close collaboration with the WCPDM and YCPDM Sections Presidents, in a spirit of discipline and responsibility.
In this particular circumstance, the Secretary General of the Central Committee also calls on the comrades in action on the field to rigorously and methodically pursue the basic structures validation operations in progress, in compliance with the provisions of the ad hoc Circular-Letter.
The Secretary General of the Central Committee expresses the hope that better days shall come where, having only a vague and sad memory of the pandemic times we are going through, the militant fervour shall again be exalted and exhaled to celebrate Party anniversaries.
Pending the return of radiant times, and wishing everyone a happy birthday, the Secretary General of the Central Committee urges all the militants to remain mobilised behind the National President, His Excellency Paul BIYA, as tireless and unstoppable sentinels who fight against the enemies of national cohesion and our living together, and who work tirelessly for the harmonious and integrated development of our united and indivisible Nation
The Secretary General of the Central Committee

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