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North West Region : Construction Resumes on Bambili Road

The was only possible after the Mayor of Tubah council, Tanjong Martin cleared off vendors, food stalls and other businesses operating on the road linking the University town to Bamenda.

The Mayor said vendors had extended their stalls into the road making it difficult for Edge to continue building the road. “We are on a construction site and on this site some members of the public have transformed themselves into business operators, transferring their kitchen into the streets which the council could not sit down and allow this disorder”, the Mayor said.
The council confiscated some of the makeshift materials used by the vendors. Before dislodging the vendors, the Mayor said a team of five from the council had sensitised the business owners. Adding “I personally went round to talk to the people to give way for this project to continue”.
Mayor Tanjong said the council will provide space elsewhere for those whose businesses were destroyed. “We still have more than 50 market stalls at the Bambili market unoccupied and people are doing businesses on the streets. If they apply, I will allocate to them business places”, the Mayor announced.
The road leading to the university town is at about 50%, the Mayor said. The new road is wider and gutters are under construction. Edge is expected to begin tarring the road after this phase. Insecurity in the area had delayed the construction of Bamenda – Bambili that was suppose to take off on October 19, 2020.


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