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Departure of a Statesman : CPDM Pays Homage to Comrade Victor Mukete

Jean Nkuété, Secretary General of the Central Committee described his service to the party as selfless and commendable

Militants and sympathizers of the CPDM party in Meme Division, South West region and the national territory, showcased a spirit of solidarity in bidding farewell to a fallen Statesman and Honorary member of the Central Committee, Nfon Emeritus Victor Esemingsongo Mukete, who died last April 10, at the age of 103. His remains were laid to rest at his Kumba residence last weekend. The eldest member of the Senate and Honorary member of the CPDM Central Committee, received recognition for the selfless services rendered to the State in different positions of responsibility.
The Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee Jean Nkuété, led a delegation of party officials to the funeral. The presence of the CPDM party at the ceremony was glaring, with militants across Meme Division clouding the ceremonial ground in party attire. It was first of all to recognize and acknowledge the contributions the State man made to the growth and stability of the CPDM party in Meme Division, the South West region and the nation as a whole. Apart from playing the role of resource person, Senator Nfon Mukete served as the financial weight of the party in Meme Division. He single handed financed all CPDM party activities in Meme Division, without discrimination. 
To Jean Nkuété, Nfon Mukete was a true militant of the CPDM party. He moved from the cell of the party, to one of the highest position of the party- Honorary member of the Central Committee. “His dedication, selfless service and total commitment to the party helped in strengthening the CPDM party. The party will greatly miss him and his rich inputs“.
After serving for several years as a member of the Central Committee, Nfon Mukete was propelled to the rank of honorary Central Committee member, by the National president of the CPDM party, Comrade Paul Biya. It was an honour for his service to the party. 
Despite his age, Nfon Mukete always spearheaded in all activities of the CPDM in Meme. He served as campaign leader in most elections in Meme Division, spending his personal finances for party activities. His financial contribution together with those of his children, always summed up to more than 80 percent of all fundraisings for party activities in Meme Division. His demise according to some militants of the party has created a great vacuum which may never be filled.


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