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Renouvellement 2021

Mfoundi III : Peace and Temperance

This was the essence of the message to electors in Mfoundi III by Ebela Jean Luc, special representative of Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana; Divisional Electoral Committee president.

After the first visit of committee members to all six sub sections, the divisional hierarchy which has had its ear to the ground is ensuring that the operation continues in respect of the directives given by the National President.
To that effect, the divisional control committee president Luc Magloire Atangana dispatched a representative to take stock of the operation this far. Sub-section Presidents at the meeting were called to give in vivo the state of affairs in their respective subsections. An exercise, which went on well for the most part, but for a few cases who had complains. According to Ebela Jean Luc representative of the president of the divisional electoral committee, “In an exercise like this, misunderstandings are bound to occur. This is because human beings think differently,” he said. Nevertheless, “in the CPDM we disagree because we must agree”, he insisted.
In that light, he cautioned militants to resolve any problem amicably and remain one another’s keeper for the good of the CPDM family unit. The point was supported by the Section Committee President Hon. Roland Pangmashi who re-echoed the satisfaction he had after the first visit to the six sub sections. He called on the militants to maintain the spirit of maturity, which prevailed.
As sub section Presidents took turns to present their situations, they raised different challenges faced on the field and members of the committee proposed solutions.
However, for the cases that needed closer attention, the committee convened an urgent meeting of subsection Presidents for the next day, at the end of which reconciliation and the zeal to work together prevailed. Militants held hands and hit the road to conquer the terrain for the CPDM.


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