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Bamenda Regional Hospital : City Council Donates Generator

The City Mayor, Achobong Tambeng Paul donated the 200KVA Generator to the hospital on April 2, 2021.

The generator will fill the gap of power outage and low voltage – frequent in city. Mayor Achobong who is also the Chair of Hospital’s Board Committee said: “The equipment is most needed at the hospital to attend to patients and save lives, given the epileptic electricity supply the city.” Adding that the need is pertinent and the response from his office shows that the council is worried about the plight of the population. He also noticed the professionalism of the staff and the cleanliness of the hospital, and congratulated the management of the health facility.
The Director of the Hospital Dr Nsame Denis Nforniwe expressed the gratitude of the staff and praised the City Mayor for the intervention that he termed timely. When voltage will drop, haemodialysis, Imaging Centre and the Laboratory that would have shutdown in wait for the return of power, would run uninterrupted.
The Director said: “We have ENEO certainly but because of the low voltage, most machines cannot work right down to our photocopy machines. In the past, we have had machines in the dialysis broken down because of low voltage.” “We have been living in fear with just one generator. We sincerely thank the management board who thought it wise that our plea was worth the salt and channeled it to the right quarters. Once one works in the night, the other will work during the day,” the Director added as he promised proper use of the equipment.
On his part Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh called on the beneficiary, the Regional Hospital Bamenda to handle equipment carefully as he threw flowers on the city mayor. “He (City Mayor) is visionary and his collaboration with the population will produce great strides for the Northwest Region.”
He called on the staff of the Bamenda Regional Hospital to continue the sensitization of the population on Covid-19. The hospital is at the centre of the fight against Covid-19. The City Mayor brought facemasks and hand sanitizers, and shared them to management and staff.

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