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Ubangoh Helly : “The exercise has been very awakening”

Section president of Momo West talks about the unfolding of the validation exercise.

L’Action: As one of the focal points of the validation exercise, how has the exercise unfolding, on a general note?
Ubangoh Helly: The Validation has been going on so well since it was launched last March 13. It has however been very challenging considering the context of the ongoing crisis in the North West Region. A large majority of members of the validation committee are actively involved in the exercise. After taking all measures to collect the data from the officials of the lower organs, the Branch Presidents and Sub Section Presidents, we were convened by the President of Regional Permanent Delegation to continue the secretarial work in a common venue at Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda, where security dispositions have been taken, considering the security challenges. At this common venue, the members of the Divisional Permanent Delegation are able to properly supervise the compilation of the data obtained from the field. The Validation Committee members are able to exchange experiences on the spot. In all, the exercise has been so awakening as it has enabled us to relink with our militants at the base, most of whom were already feeling abandoned because of the crisis.

What are some of the hitches you have encountered so far and did you find solutions?
The main problem has been the security challenge, as most presidents and validation committee members are unable to reach the various localities of their section. There was some confusion at the start of the exercise but we eventually reached a common understanding and the work unfolded smoothly. Many grass root officials have withdrawn from active Party activities because of fear of the secessionists. This made the workload heavy on those who still sacrifice to be available. The funding of the exercise was a serious problem, however some support came from the Permanent Regional Delegation. We strongly recommend that subsequently, the Central Committee should organize some training for the Section Presidents before similar operations are carried out. This shall enable all the Sections to work in unison.

Interview : Claudette CHIN

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