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Functioning of Venice Subsection : Fredrick Ndang Guides New Executive

The Secretary for Italy Section took the pains of meeting with and cautioning the executive of the new Subsection to uphold teamwork and loyalty to Party hierarchy.

The executive of Italy Section of the CPDM was only recently elected and installed, in the ongoing process to renew executives of basic organs of the Party in the country and the diaspora. Barely days into office, the executive has put its locomotive into motion, as according to the Secretary, Frederick Ndang Nchaw “it is in our habit to make hay while it shines”. Little doubt then that this “worker bee” of the section took a trip to Venice to acquaint himself with the team on seat and together discuss the way forward for the organ.
For Nfor Franklin Venice Subsection President and his team to thrive, it was imperative for a meeting that would set them on track to hold, early enough in their mandate. During the meeting that took place on September 6, 2021, members of the executive of Venice subsection were given guidelines on how to function in the best possible way according to directives laid down in the Basic Texts of the CPDM. First in line was the fact that the executive had to understand the importance of preparing for and holding statutory meetings. “As it’s a new subsection, I told them how the secretariat of the subsection has to function, the need to organise statutory meetings and we also discussed how to draw up the calendar for party activities”, Fredrick Ndang Nchaw explained. He further expatiated on the subsection executive’s need to develop fruitful relations with the Cells as this was the nucleus of the Party. Remarking that a subsection conference was in gestation, the meeting was therefore ideal to caution the bureau members to prepare in line with their expectations.
In these modern times and with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic which has warranted many restrictions, various social media platforms have come in handy in the management of Party affairs. It is in this regard, that the special envoy from the Italy Section gave out tips on their use, noting that as much as the social media is a double-edged sword, it could work to their benefit if only they mastered it. Together they discussed on the functioning of the Party particularly the search of new members to join the rangs of the CPDM. While noting that a huge population of Cameroonians resided in Veniçe and North East Italy, the plan was for the subsection executive to strategize on wooing fellow compatriots into the Party. Ways of approaching Cameroonians resident in the area were discussed not leaving out the ongoing crisis in the Anglophone regions. Present at the meeting were presidents from other Cells who were delighted to partake in discussions which they said were vital for the smooth functioning of their basic organs. A similar meeting is scheduled to hold in Udine in the weeks ahead.

Claudette CHIN

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