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Renouvellement 2021

MFOUNDI II : Party’s Interest First

As the elections of basic organs executives draw to an end, authorities of Mfoundi III have re-echoed the need for militants to prize the party is interest over individual.

The call was made by Minister Luc Magloire Atangana, divisional committee President for Mfoundi on Sunday September 19 as he toured sub sections evaluating the state of preparedness of militants to cast their votes. His first stop was at the Efoulan-Mvolye sub section where some lists were already published in the Shalom Nursery and primary school. However, there were some little challenges that the Minister observed and asked for their redress.
The Section electoral committee President Hon. Roland Pangmashi was asked to verify the authenticity of complaints emanating from some militants in relation to the unfolding of the exercise on the field and to straighten all records for the interest of the party.
The same message was taken to the Nsam and Obobogo sub sections by the divisional committee President and his team.
At every stop, the minister reminded militants to avoid fighting.
In his words, “the battle is not on the internal, but against the adversary who is outside”, he insisted. The renewal process is therefore the party’s move to lay the groundwork for future major elections by the CPDM.
To that effect, Minister Magloire Mbarga emphasized that every vote cast be free of any form of pressure or intimidation. “The National President has given militants the right to choose and to vote the list they think would represent the interest of the of the party”, he insisted.
He also called on the Section electoral committee President, to ensure the strict respect of the party’s basic texts as the names of militants that appear on the lists. These he said must have their party adherence cards.
He reiterated that presidents of the Cells and the Section electoral committee President are the sole authorised signatories of Lists and not sub section presidents. “All lists must be published 73 hours (3days) before” he reminded.
They were thus urged to hasten their steps towards the finish line.
As the militants of Mfoundi III negotiate the last bend in this renewal of the basic organ process, they were also reminded that Saturday September 25 is the last day for the operation.


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