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Paul Biya’s 29th anniversary as President of the Republic brought together ordinary men and women who made the event extraordinary.

The methodic and rational organization of the Cameroon people’s democratic movement brought victory to Mr Paul Biya in the recently held presidential election”, said the party’s Secretary General. He spoke to militants and sympathizers of the ruling party who came out en masse last Sunday November 6 at 6:35 pm within the scope of celebrations dedicated to Biya’s 29 year reign. “Not everybody can govern for 29 years, our candidate was and remains the most prestigious candidate in Cameroon”, he moved on. In 20-25 minutes, his impromptu discourse dwelled on the efforts and strategies put in place by the Cpdm to win the election as well as the positive spirit that must inspire all militants as far as Paul Biya and Cameroon’s future are concerned. Unlike previous editions, this year’s anniversary at the central committee of the party was void of activities that normally characterize such events: no gala night and no musical concert. “We chose to commune with you all in this simple manner in a bid to get your true feelings and emotions, to see men and women who believe in the ideals of our party and to tell you how grateful we are following your ever so often support”, explained Sadi. The brief and frank exchange between militants and the party’s decision makers gave all and sundry the opportunity to affirm their commitment to the Cpdm. “This event represents the success that hides behind several years of sacrifice. We are here because of our party’s national president who has carried the burden of Cameroon for three decades. We thank God for his life and wisdom and, we implore him to continue in his efforts to take this great country to higher heights”, says Emma Lafon, a Cpdm militant of the North West region. For his part, and in similar manner, Jacques Nguela, a militant recently admitted as subtantive member of the party’s central committee says “it is a great pleasure for us to gather here today to openly and happily praise the work and success of Paul Biya. For the past 29 years, he has given his all to the entire nation, he is our model and I think it will be wise and true for us to us to commend his efforts”. After talking to militants, the Secretary General moved inside the congress hall, at the ground floor of the central committee and tossed the anniversary champagne in a classical Hollywood style. He cheers with the VIP’s of his delegation as well as grass root militants. “Happy feast, congratulations, long live our national president, the Cpdm will live on and on, we still need to win the municipal and  legislative elections of 2012”, the militants happily said to one another, from top to bottom. The champagne puffing lured the militants to the line of tables that carried fried slices of chicken, beef, pork, fish, lumps of granulated meat, fresh lettuce, bread and other chewables. It was time for item 11. Here again, Mr Sadi led the dance and later posed for a while as he briefly compared notes with Mr and Mrs Every body, irrespective of social class. They charted. As he pressed the palms, he encouraged Cpdm militants and sympathizers to keep on working and militating for the Cpdm and enjoined them to remain vigilant and focused.Expounding on the significance of his year’s anniversary, Mr Sadi reiterated the fact the “the celebration comes up few days after Paul Biya’s oath taking ceremony as president of the Republic of Cameroon. Furthermore, it gives is the opportunity to reaffirm our independence and determination and live and function under the distinguished leadership of H. E Paul Biya. Finally, the event gives us the pleasure to call on all our militants in particular and Cameroonians in general to rally behind the Cpdm candidate more than ever before in a bid to materialize his vision of major accomplishments announced during the recently held 3rd ordinary congress of the Cpdm, the 2011 presidential campaign and the swearing in ceremony of November 3, 2011”. The ceremony ended by 8:00 pm with animation by dance groups.  


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