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DECEMBER 6 ELECTION : CPDM to Optimise Proximity

Campaign teams will on a one on one basis, court those who are called to vote .

According to the circular signed by the National President, “the electoral campaign of the CPDM teams will be conducted methodically and rigorously, as close as possible to all voters”. Proximity is what the Party envisages as it is also committed to an inclusive campaign, acting in unison in other to guarantee a CPDM victory at the close of the polls. The different stakeholders of the campaign nationwide are expected to devote the time allotted to seek the total adhesion of voters “without distinction of political affiliation in order to confirm the commitment of some and convince others to support … the lists of CPDM candidates, which present the best chances.” The objective of the CPDM is clear. To win an absolute majority of votes in the ten regions; reason the Party is opting for a campaign of “high quality and great proximity, in a spirit of cohesion and solidarity”. These will have to be reinforced at all levels, especially at the local level where campaign teams are expected to meet the municipal councillors who constitute part of the Electoral College on a one on one basis. Thanks to such closeness, campaign teams will be able to ferry across the message to friends and sympathisers of the party, that it bears the best hopes for a successful completion of decentralisation. This will be through an optimal and efficient participation of elected representatives within the regional councils. Within the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, it is evident that the Party will endeavour to respect measures set by government to limit the spread of the disease, especially at a time when reports indicate an upsurge in infected cases. The CPDM is not a novice in this game and though the arena may be the same, the stakes are nonetheless high. With the select Electoral College, the Party has its work cut out and the ball is now in its court to put all strategies to use for victory bells to resonate in its favour when results will be proclaimed.

Claudette CHIN

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