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Validation of Organs in Northern Italy : Consultations to Take Place Over Zoom

Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, militants abroad are relying on social media platforms to convey messages on the validation process to militants.

Two weeks into the headcount of CPDM militants at home and abroad, militants of the Italy section are being contacted and informed on the unfolding of the exercise, which has to be done in scrupulous compliance with the guidelines of the circular signed by the Secretary General of the Central Committee. In a note signed by the Secretary of Italy Section Federick Ndang Nchaw, it reads that members of the validation committee will be holding special consultation meetings with leaders of CPDM basic organs in Northern Italy to “verify the effective functioning of those organs as well as propose possible establishment of new basic organs”. This validation process will permit the committee in charge to eliminate false militants going by the membership card index and the data bank of the section.
The headcount as demanded by the Party’s hierarchy has not taken the militants of this section abroad by surprise as they have constantly updated their database given the nature of the implantation of cells abroad. As it stands, they will be reviewing active membership for the last five years, in order to determine their commitment. According to Jean Nkuété’s circular, there can be no section without branches and cells and these cannot be composed without a fixed number of registered militants. And so in a spirit of consultation and permanent search for the best interest of the Party, the validation committee in Italy has set to work, leaving nothing to chance.
As much as it is challenging for Sections abroad to accomplish the task without having to move and meet people physically due to the ravaging coronavirus pandemic, the executive of the Italy section is intent on making hay while it shines. The time allocated for the validation process is speeding past yet they are hopeful that their efforts will pay off. All hands are on deck to not only crosscheck the membership database but also canvass for new militants by getting them fully registered and in possession of their cards.

Claudette CHIN

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