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Validation of Political Structures : CPDM Pursues Field Operations

Teams on the field have two weeks to wrap up the validation process that will give CPDM a clear idea of its base.

The ongoing introspective view of the party, hence its auto critic and evaluation, is and occasion to take stoke of the proper functioning the basic organs as per the required Standards enshrined in the party’s constitution and the prescribed exigencies of the basic text. The operation, which is going on in each CPDM section at home and abroad, aims at establishing a real mapping of the basic organs.
By the end of the exercise billed for April 13, 2021, grass root militants will be in possession of the right information that will enable the control and strengthening of the party’s structures. This will also retain CPDM’s electorate in the light of future national elections.
The exercise is an opportunity for the militants to verify and ensure the effective functioning of the organs of the party.
Militants on the field are doing a scrutiny in order to ensure that basic organs comprise CPDM cells, given that the basic structure of the Party is the Cell. This means that there can be no branch, Sub-section or Section without Cells. In a particularly difficult period given the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic and the behavioural changes that go with the situation, militants are undeterred. They are braving all odds to carry the message to their sections and ensure that the structure are up to date. This done, the breaking up of basic organs to create new ones will take place. All of these and more will be determined by the party’s statutory provisions based on population density, geographic distance, sociological grouping and penetration of competition with the sole aim of improvising supervision and political follow up of party following. The validation committees, according to the SG’s circular of March 2 indicates that the section Presidents shall identify supporters at each cell and centralise the data at the level of branches where proposals for the creation of new cells will be submitted through the Sub section to the validation committee at the section level.

Irene Aweneg

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