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Imminent Renewal of Basic Organs : Militants Show Enthusiasm

Some effervescence has been witnessed at the level of basic organs with the ongoing registration of CPDM militants, which is indicative of elections that will revamp the executive at the grassroots.

The registration of militants is ongoing. According to reports from the field, militants adhered to the idea from the beginning and have shown interest in getting enrolled on lists that will help the Party’s hierarchy to grasp the reality of its militants base. There is no doubt that the headcount is in prelude to the renewal of the basic organs of the party, which according to the basic texts is done after five years. Article 37 of the General Provisions, paragraph 1 says, “Basic organ executives shall be elected for a five-year term of office. However, where necessary, the Political Bureau may reduce or extend that term of office”. Since this renewal is usually at the initiative and under the supervision of the Central Committee, the registration of militants, old and new is thus the gateway through which many expectations are hinged.
Since the start of the headcount, the zeal shown by militants in the process translates their eagerness to see records set straight and the possibilities of splitting some political units materialised. The work on the which has been described by those involved as full of challenges, has also served as a reawakening to others. According to Ubango Helly, Section president for Momo west section, the validation process has helped them reconnect with militants especially those in the security challenged North West region. Due to the crisis, many militants were compelled to remain inactive for fear of reprisals from separatist fighters but the ongoing registration has enlivened the spirits of many who are hopeful for better days.
In general, Covid-19 has put several party activities on hold. Though the registration exercise is holding in strict respect of barrier measures, militants through their turnout are happy to see things moving and looking to the horizon for the outcome of the registration. The difficulty to comb every nook and cranny has not been capitalised on as teams are putting in all resources to get the job done and as expected. While waiting for the bells of renewal to chime, militants are nonetheless not hiding their enthusiasm in seeing political units being split and management of basic organs maintained or new blood injected to boost the functioning of the party from the roots.

Claudette CHIN

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