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Measures were

The 8th ordinary session of Labour and Social Affairs conference of the African Union ended last Friday April 15, 2011 in Yaounde with stakeholders resolving to lay more emphasis on youth employment.
Participants in this session recognized that employment is a contingency measure against uprisings in the continent. Experts equally brainstormed on ways to boost their various economies by encouraging entrepreneurship. The forum defined ways to integrate informal sector operators, vulnerable groups as well as marginalized ones like the women folk into the economy for an inclusive growth.
The final resolutions proposed programmes for the amelioration of the various economies, »2012-2020 has been adopted as the decade of the informal economy. The month of May has also been adopted as that of the informal economy in Africa while a technical and financial feasibility study for the creation of an African centre for the informal sector is due execution » states the final report.
also taken for the effective implementation of a social protection plan for the economy and rural workers, spire works as well as a strategic document on resource mobilisation for the implementation of the Ouagadougou 2004 plan of action on employment promotion and poverty alleviation. « The proper implementation of the spire work initiative would immensely lead the continent to attaining the first six millennium development goals, » the AU social affairs commissioner, Namibian born Advocate Gawannas said.
The putting in place of mechanisms in view of mobilising resources to combat youth unemployment was also discussed as one of the ways to help restructure economies emerging from conflicts. Experts from other countries lauded the Cameroon government for launching the recruitment of 25,000 young Cameroonians into the public service and the giant projects which have been tailored to boost Cameroon’s economy.
The opening ceremony was chaired by Philemon Yang, representative of the head of State who was confident that more employment opportunities entail a better social environment void of conflict. The various participants included Social partners organisations, representatives of regional economic communities and those of non-African Union states accredited to the AU, United Nations, UN plus employment organisations, civil society representatives and AU organs.


Florence Béna Zéla

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