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Stepen Mbonda, National president, Ycpdm : “I am up to the challenge »

Your feelings after your election as National president of the Youth wing of the Cpdm
Firstly I would like to thank God. I also want to thank the Head of State, the Secretary General and Mr Bidoung Mkpatt for the successful organization. In fact the news came like a surprise to me. When my name was called upon in the hall, I took it as a challenge and at once, I believed in myself. I am happy and I look forward to delivering the goods. The challenges and stakes are enormous and we must do all it takes to work hard and bring joy to our party’s hierarchy.
 Do you have an idea of what will constitute your activities for the next five years?
In actual fact, the youth wing centers on mobilization. As you know, the youths represent the younger generation across the country. Their problems range from unemployment to lack of self confidence. We must work to enable them see that corruption is being stamped out by President. They need to be morally upright. Above all, we will have to convince them that unity alone will help us to build this nation. We also have to unite all the youth associations in a bid to redefine a number of things and be sure that they all work for the implementation of policies put in place by the Head of State. We must make sure that youths of this country are mature and responsible. All of this is an uphill task but by the grace of God, we will succeed.
With the presidential election built for the next couple of weeks, do you think you have the necessary ability to give victory to Paul Biya at the level of the youth wing?
Our new bureau is manned by very qualified people. With dynamic men like Motombi Mbome, Tokambou Yves and others, there is no doubt that we would be up to the task. Our party’s president can be rest assured that at our level, victory will come. As indicated by your question, our first challenge is to mobilize youths across the country. These youths are the essential goal of next mandate of the Head of State. To this effect, we would comb the four corners of Cameroon to get their views, identify their pressing problems and propose simple solutions. 
How would you work with those who got frustrated after the 3rd ordinary congress because they were not part the national bureau?
In line with the philosophy of our party and national president, no one should be annoyed. Remember, it is the Bible that says many are called and few are chosen. We would put in place strategies to see what we can do incorporate them into the activities of the national bureau. There would be reconciliatory talks in a not too distant future. What matters is that all of us work for the good of the Cameroon people’s democratic movement. 
Do you have a word to non Cpdm youths?
Certainly. To build this nation does not necessarily mean that you should be in our party. With a positive mind set, every son and daughter of Cameroon can put in something in helping the Head of State to take our country out of under development. Our party is and will never be discriminatory. It is a rallying force, better described in the French language as “rassemblement”. So, we are ready to bring everybody on board and participate in nation building. I call on them to join us so that together we reason as one and do things as together. Like Mr Paul Biya said in his general policy speech, youths must be humble. This country is our’s and we are the leaders of tomorrow.

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