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March 8 : Giz supports women

The German society for international cooperation (Giz) is giving the
woman the pride of place in view of the celebration of the international
day of the woman.

Ever conscious that the growth of every society is where men and women share equal rights and obligations, the German society for international cooperation has always sought to contribute its own quota in making this a reality in Cameroon. It is in this light that the 5th edition of “Femmes et Filles fortes” strong women and girls) an event which has become a tradition for the Giz, will be organised in view of the celebration of the international day of the woman. The Giz under the patronage of the ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family as well as the German Embassy will be organising week long activities to empower more women and it aims at promoting gender equality with partners from the different sectors of the Cameroonian society.The woman occupies a central place in the society and to better ascertain this position, the Giz has been joining its voice to those of other partner organisations to cry foul to domestic violence as well as other discriminations against women. Efforts are continually being made reason why the 5th edition of the event dubbed “strong women and girls: from emancipation to citizen engagement” will keep participants busy with acquiring knowledge on how to kick back the habit of relegating women to the shadows.  According to the program’s director Dana Rosen, women are supposed to play a complementary role alongside the men and not always come second.Educative talks, artistic exhibitions, health walks and film projections to name but these will be part of activities to mark the week that will be officially launched on. March 1, 2012 in Yaoundé.It is no news that certain traditions are known to prevent women from inheriting talk less of succeeding. With the passing away of a spouse, some women are known to suffer injustices and maltreatments to which many complaints have been filed with no positive responses gotten. To these problems and more, the one week event will be an occasion to discuss at round tables themes like succession and widowhood rites. There will be presentations on the code of the family as well as the socio-political and jurisdictional situation of Cameroonian women. With more and more women getting involved in the political debates of the country, the Giz through this program will seek to throw more light about women’s involvement in the electoral process of the country. The womenfolk make about 51% according to the 2010 country’s population census chunk of the population and their participation in electoral issues is what the experts will be clarifying to help women from being manipulated as far as this is concerned.The Giz has not only concentrated its activities in Yaounde, as plans have been made to carry out similar activities in some regional head quarters. Educational talks on Hiv/Aids will be given in Buea, while “sexuality and responsibility for her and him” will be the theme of discussions in Bafoussam. Meanwhile in Maroua, the women will be trained on how to be more responsible on health issues. In Bertoua, the crowd will be served a fashion parade competition of women dressed in the Giz fabric.All these activities have been organised in a bid to bring together women of all spheres to share in the knowledge that experts will be delving on. Prioritizing the woman’s place in society is a battle that the Giz with other partners intend winning no matter the time it takes and the cost at which it must be won.
Claudette Chin

Claudette chin

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