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BAMENDA : Mbayu Felix Gives ‘Zakat’ to Fasting Muslims

As member of the Old Town community, the Minister Delegate in Charge of Commonwealth in the Ministry of External Relations over the weekend donated goods to help Muslims during the fasting period.

He donated 50 cartons of sugar and 20 cartons of fruits. “The gifts we have here have a lot of significance and meaning. It signifies that if H.E. Minister Felix Mbayu did not have you at heart, he would not sit every time and think about his people of Old Town,” the representative of the Minister said, adding that “I think should pray for him so that next year, he would be blessed with more goodies for you”.
Muslims of the Central Mosque at Old Town in Bamenda in the North West Region said prayers on Friday April 30 and asked God to bless Minister Mbayu. “We thank H.E. Minister Felix Mbayu for these gifts. We pray that God should continue to keep him and strengthen him to continue helping this community,” the representative of the population, Councilor Garba Umaru said. He says, “We [Muslims] are so proud of him because he is our first elite. We pray Allah to give him long life”.
The representative of the Muslim chief, Serkin Alhadji Balla Tanko said, “H.E. Minister Felix Mbayu thinks about us day and night. We, on our part, pray for him every day and night “. He revealed that the minister has funded all the projects in his palace. “Even the mosque, he contributed so much towards its construction,” he said. He says Felix Mbayu is that elite who does not go to sleep without thinking about the wellbeing of his people. Minister Felix Mbayu is used to giving. He recently donated a grinding mill to Ntambag I, a precinct in Old Town. Corn fufu is a mainstay in the area and families need to grind the corn.
Mentioning a saying that when your brother is on a plume tree, you will eat black ones, the representative of the Muslim Chief said the people of Ntambag quarters have been eating blacker plums from the hands of Minister Felix Mbayu. On behalf of the community, he thus prayed that God should raise him to a very high level.


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