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Extension of Validation Exercise : Late comers get a chance

The Secretary General, Jean Nkuété has instructed that registration of militants at the level of cells who have their membership cards as well as those who are in the process of acquiring should continue.

This came after the Party authorities realised following complains that April 13, the initial closing date for the operations was going to disfavour most militants who were still in the process of registering. Meantime those who have successfully completed the exercise in their various sections are depositing the files.
According to the section President of Ngie in the Momo II Section Ubango Halley, “the operation went on smoothly in our section despite the challenges caused by the crisis in the English-speaking regions. CPDM Militants are undeterred; they are determined to own their cards in preparation for any elections. Our files were deposited in Mbengwi with the CPDM divisional team”, he said. Meanwhile the decision contained in the Press release signed by the Communication Secretary of the Central Committee for the Secretary General on April 12, 2021 asking presidents of the various validation commissions within their area of competence of militants of cells, holders of party cards or who are awaiting their party cards continues.
It is worth noting that only militants who have their membership cards and have completely paid their contributions are considered as electors or eligible during the renewal process of the basic organs of the party .
All Heads of Regional and Divisional Permanent Delegations of the Central Committee are charged with ensuring the application of the measures to ensure that militants and sympathisers of the CPDM who were still hesitating because of the lack of this important document get it. The different teams on the field must ensure that they have a valid list of party organs and the number of militants that make up the said organs. This is the way to better prepare, just like in every other election the victory of the Party.


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