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Transmission of Report Files : Validation Commissions at Work

After meticulously registering CPDM militants in the country and abroad, members of the commissions are now gathering information sheets for onward transmission to hierarchy.

Launched since March 13, 2021, the registration of CPDM militants on the field is drawing to its close. Those charged with gathering the necessary data are now in the phase of forwarding their work to the right quarters. On a general note, reports say the exercise has been successful. From the results obtained, the Party will be better informed on its militants’ base. At the level of the Party’s headquarters, the effervescence is yet to be felt but according to some commission heads, they have already received lists from the grassroots and are now rounding off before depositing at the Central Committee. At press time this May 4, 2021, report files of three regions had been deposited. East, Far North and North West regions. These lists were deposited by the Chargés de mission of the Permanent Regional Delegations, with some providing both hard and soft copies. Due to Covid-19, Party activities were grounded but the validation operation of political basic structures of the party – Cell, Branch, Subsection and Section has given both hierarchy and grass roots militants the chance to communion.
In the country like abroad where CPDM sections exist, validation commissions have burnt the midnight oil to do a thorough headcount in prelude to the renewal of basic organs. Through phone calls, text messages, social media platforms, the roadmap has been covered despite all hitches that were involved. In security challenged areas like the anglophone regions, the various commission members suited strategies to the degree of the difficulty and found ways to bypass obstacles. Not a day’s job, reason why many are happy that the exercise was reawakening. Militants who had hibernated for diverse reasons have now been roused and expectations are high with talk about bolstering the base with the injection of new impetus and splitting of some political units.
So far so good but until the stop whistle is blown, every minute is still being counted in crosschecking that the names of those who adhere to the ideologies of the CPDM are boldly imprinted on rolls. While militants have been lauded for their mobilisation in making goals set by top management to be achieved, members at the General Secretariat of the Party continue working as they await other regions to deposit report files.

Claudette CHIN

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