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Desinfection of markets : Population complies

Councils in Yaounde have chosen different days to close up markets and make way disinfection.

Specific markets are completely closed on specific in the city of Yaounde for the disinfection and clean up exercise to be carried out. An initiative which though difficult, businesspersons accept it as a laudable in the capital city. Lydia Atem who sells foodstuffs in the Mendong market says “it is not easy given that even on the days that the market is open they have to close at 4 :00 pm for those selling inside the market and 6 :00pm for the people along the road. In her words, I have no problem with this effort. We understands that this is just a way to protect persons. Every body wants to sell or buy but in the face of a terrible invisible enemy like the covid -19 we can only follow the rules and give the council workers the opportunity to disinfect the markets”, she said. The closing up of markets is already known by the population and in cases where they must go to the market they try to find out the various days of disinfection to better prepare which market they would rather go to. For this week the calendar for the disinfection of market in the city of Yaounde is thus: 20/04/ 2020 Etoudi, EligEdzoa, Essos. On the 21st of April the central market, Mfoundi and MvogAda markets take the relay. Mokolo Mbangkomo and Madagascar markets go through the same exercise on the 22nd/04 2020. Everyone wants to stay alive and safe so the population is in full support of the initiative being taken to keep people safe.

Irene Aweneg

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