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May 20 ceLebration in the CPDM : Low key in Covid-19 era

Known to be a time of great mobilisation within the Party, militants of the CPDM are called to emulate their National President in respecting restrictive measures to fight coronavirus.

In a weeks’ time, Cameroonians will commemorate the 48th edition of the National Day. With the current national and international context of the covid-19, several activities have come to a standstill. Cameroon is knee deep in the fight to contain the spread of the disease, that is why the CPDM has seen its activities grounded with one of them being its participation in the May 20 parade. Coronavirus has thus stolen the show from militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement who are usually a sight for sore eyes on this day. In the past years, the CPDM stood tall amongst its peers in the political arena during the national day parade nationwide, by its numbers and show of force. With militants in all ten regions of the country, the National day was usually a time for the Party’s militants to mobilise in great numbers and partake in the day’s festivities clad in party fabric. As the situation stands, there will be no public manifestations as the struggle to stall the spread of the virus intensifies. Were things in order, the seat of the party situated besides the Yaounde Municipal lake by this time would have been serving as practise ground for rehearsals for the national day parade. In years past, this would have been the time when militants would renew their love for fatherland and pledge their support to the one who incarnates all government’s institutions, Paul Biya. In this Covid-19 era, militant have been called to lead by example and follow instructions for the killer virus to be pushed beyond the country’s borders. Jean Nkuété, Secretary General of the Central Committee has through messages in the Party’s newspaper these past weeks beckoned on militants to respect government’s and WHO measures in order to stamp out the spread of the disease. Meanwhile, militants have joined hands with Paul Biya to provide the population with such basic commodities as soap, disinfectants, face masks to name but these in the fight against coronavirus. Despite the fact that there will be no celebration, militants ought to unite in their various localities to spread the word to negligent Cameroonians so that together the fight will be effective and the development of Cameroon will ensue.

Claudette Chin

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